New Volunteer Orientations

Interested in becoming a Courier? Join us for a New Volunteer Orientation!

Held every other Thursday at 6pm and Friday at 12pm @5530 Manhattan Circle Suite D

Directions:  When facing the building from the street, go up the stairs to the outside porch and come through the door to the left.

New Volunteer Orientation Calendar ———————————————————————————————————-

Have other skills and time you would like to help Boulder Food Rescue create a more just and less wasteful food system in Boulder? There are multiple ways to get involved! 

    1. Bike Deliveries: Pick up food from one of 28+ local grocery stores and deliver it to recipient sites around Boulder. We ask that you commit an hour- two hours of time per shift. Trailers are provided, and we have loaner bikes available if you do not have one. For more information, read the “New Volunteer Orientation” section below, or contact [email protected].
    2. Skills & Contributions: If you have skills, ideas, knowledge, or other things you want to contribute, we will always welcome them. We often need help in the below areas, but are open to others. For more info, contact [email protected]:
      1. Grant Writing
      2. Graphic Design
      3. Fundraising
      4. Event Planning
      5. Writing
    3. Food Justice Blog: We share articles relating to food waste, redistribution, and food justice. If you’d like to write for or get involved with the blog, contact [email protected].
    4. Bike Maintenance Team: Keep our bike delivery team on the move by helping maintain our inventory of bikes and trailers. If you are interested in being part of the crew, contact [email protected]


For more info or questions: Send us an email at [email protected].