Volunteer and Internship Opportunities


New Volunteer Orientation Meetings:
We have new volunteer orientation meetings every other Tuesday at 6pm and Wednesday at 12pm at our office on 1911 11th St. #102. Come join us and see what we are getting into, as well as get signed up to take on shifts. The outside door locks, so we come and check to see if you’re there, but you can also text us at 720-445-5237 if you need let in!

See the Calendar Here to find the right meeting to join.

Children are welcome to join the meetings. We do not regularly provide child care but we can provide childcare upon request. Please email us ahead of time to make sure we can set up a date to do so.

Please bring your personal schedule to the meeting so you can get signed up for a training shift right away.

Check out this list of ways to volunteer:

1. Bike Deliveries

How it works: Every week over 100 weekly volunteers get on their bikes and deliver food to non-profits around Boulder, and we are always looking for new energetic people. With shifts seven days a week from over 28 grocery stores and restaurants around the city, we can accommodate almost any schedule.

  • One Hour Commitment Minimum: Volunteers redistribute food from the same donor organization to the same recipient organization every week, and usually it is finished in under an hour. If you want to do more shifts than that, you’re welcome to!
  • All You Need is a Bike (or not): We have trailers locked up outside of every donating grocery store, all you need to do is connect it to your bike and start riding. At many of our stores we have bikes locked up with the trailer, and have loaner bikes for you to use as well. So if you don’t have a bike or its not in working condition, we can make something work for you!

Typical Shift: You show up at your grocery store or restaurant, unlock the trailer with our four-digit code, and attach it to your bike. Next, roll your bike around back and talk to an employee who will show you what food is being donated and load it into your trailer. Then, ride through town to your non-profit to which we are donating the food and drop it off, meet some great people, and head back to the store. It’s amazing to take an hour out of your week and see the real impact of your work!

2. Food Sorters
Don’t want to bike but want to contribute to the redistribution of food in a big way? Our food sorter team meets our bike-couriers at stores and contributes to the hands-on process of sorting produce. Sorting produce is essential to making sure we amplify donations (easier for the grocery stores) and making sure we are donating really good and ready-to-eat produce (we don’t want to give away actual waste).

Food sorters go to a designated grocery store at a time that works for their schedule, and lends a hand with the sorting process, which can take about 30 minutes. You can sign up for as many shifts a week as you would like!  For more information, you can contact our volunteer coordinator, Kate Eno, at [email protected]

3. Skills and Contributions
If you have skills, ideas, knowledge or other things you want to contribute, we will always welcome them. We often need help in these areas but are open to more things as well:

  • Grant Writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Fundraising
  • Event Planning
  • Writing

To get involved in any of these arenas or more, please email us at [email protected] and we will touch base with you!

4. Lunch Bunch
Every month we share a meal at a recipient site. We gather and cook and share stories with our recipients at the low income senior sites. If you would like to get involved in cooking or planning these, [email protected]

5. Food Justice Blog
We post all kinds of articles relating to food waste, food redistribution, and/or food justice. The scope is broad and we would love your participation by writing or becoming more involved and helping with the creation of the blog. If you want to get involved with the food justice blog, please email [email protected]

6. Bike Maintenance Team
BFR has a crew of awesome volunteers who support us with bike maintenance. Some of them go around to all the bikes and trailers to keep them running as well as possible. They also might be able to respond to certain maintenance issues like flat tires. If you have a little bit of bike maintenance knowledge, then you can help out. If you are interested in being a part of the crew, then please email [email protected] and he can get you set up!


For more info or questions: Send us an email at [email protected].


Internship Program

We have a spring and fall internship program that trains young leaders to run and direct a volunteer driven organization. The internship program consists of developing core projects, collaborating with our team of ten coordinators, and, in short, being an essential link in the day-to-day operations of the organization.

  • Make a tangible impact: Interns organize our team of 100 weekly volunteers to make sure that we rescue over 6,000 pounds of food every week.
  • Facilitate Innovative Solutions: This program is an intern-driven experience that relies on the creativity of interns to create exciting new programs to address the issue of food waste and hunger in Boulder.
  • Develop Leadership Capacity: Our internship team works together to create new projects, direct the organization, and ensure that everything is running smoothly. It is a collaborative experience that teaches young leaders to run a local organization, and create a more sustainable community along the way.

Interested in Applying?

We are now accepting summer and fall applications for our Boulder Food Rescue Internship Program. Come make a real impact, today.

  • Gain skills through working in a collaborative team with your peers
  • Understand the dynamics of food waste and hunger on a local level
  • Be a part of a young organization with innovative solutions
  • Work with a small army of volunteers to make a substantial impact
  • Learn how to facilitate community meetings and outreach to volunteers
  • Create local campaigns to impact the root cause of food-waste
  • Learn from a staff who are building an adaptive, fun, and powerful organization to fight environmental and social injustice here in Boulder, Colorado.

To Apply…

Submit these application questions and send your resume to [email protected]