Art Submissions for BFR Trailers

Trailer Art Submissions!

Around a month ago, Boulder Food Rescue launched a contest for volunteers and local artists to submit artwork to be displayed on the sides of our trailers. We are very excited about this project and its ability to harness local creativity to support BFR’s visibility!

Though our deadline for submissions ended September 14th, we hope to establish this idea as an ongoing project. In other words, if you would still like to submit a piece of art, we have a rolling deadline.

There are generally two methods to submit art: using a high quality camera to take a picture of physical art or creating a piece with graphic design. Regarding measurements, the dimensions for the side of the trailer are: 16″ x 32 “. Also, the wheel bed covers part of the sign. It has a maximum height of 5.5″ and a bottom barrier of 15”.

Please contact [email protected] for more information.

On behalf of the staff and coordinators of Boulder Food Rescue, we’d like to thank you for submitting your awesome artwork!




Creative Commons Recognitions:

A special thanks to Fried Dough and Charles Roffey for giving BFR the right to use and alter their “Strawberries” and “Small Bananas” photos for a couple of art submissions.

CharlesFred:[email protected]/

Fried Dough:[email protected]/



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