BFR is presenting the #TakeTheCape campaign!

#TakeTheCape will be a series of fun-filled games where one person will receive the Bfr CApE for two months.  This could be an amazingly spectacular addition to your biking attire. Feel free to wear all the spandex with it. The first person to take possession of this valuable piece of attire will be to the winner of Caleb’s Ice World Prize for picking up the most total weight in December, Cha Cha Spinrad! Cha Cha has redistributed a tremendous amount of food this winter and was the first to receive the BFR Cape.


What in the WORLD is the point of the BFR cape and what is the campaign?


The BFR cape is a representation of this spectacular community that works so hard to save this food from the scary dumpsters and bring it to those who need it. If and when you receive the BFR cape, you can take as many RiDicuLOus pictures with the cape as possible! We would also really love it if you could add a piece of yourself to the cape (figuratively of course…). This way, the BFR cape will be a way to connect all of us even if we don’t always see each other in person! We hope you all will engage in a fun cape exchange amongst each other whereby you document the exchange via photography and share this with the rest of the BFR community!

How do I get the cape (c’mon, I REALLY want it!!!)?


In the #TakeTheCape campaign, we will be having games throughout the year! Participation in these is completely voluntary and you can participate in as many or as few as you would like. It consists of you taking a picture of yourself completing the challenge/game, uploading the photo to a social media site, and adding #TakeTheCape onto the picture. If you do not have social media, you can send us the picture directly. There will also be a permanent prize given to one volunteer along with the cape at the end of each game. The games are:

1. Feb/March: Ice World Challenge #2: The most BFR pick-ups covered by bicycle in two of the snowiest months in Colorado (please still consider safety!).

  • Whoever covers the most shifts during this time will win the BFR cape and the person in current possession of it will have to give it up (this is the hardest part…).




2. April/May: Best Selfie: The volunteer to take the best selfie (lets keep things like consent and safety in mind here!) will win this contest.

  • We will be determining the selfie winner by creativity and sense of humor! As stated, please get consent from anyone you would like in the picture and be safe as you participate.

3. June/July: TetrIs-Master!: Most intense food stack on a trailer.

  • In the summer months when many volunteers are laying around by the beach here in CO, some of us are trying to figure out how to do three pick-ups in one run! Because of this, we want to see how you all are stacking this food on these trailers. You SHAPE GENIUS, you.

4. Aug/Sept: MOst CreAtive MeAL created from rescued food. Mmmmm

  • With rescued food, we know, its all about cooking creativity. What do you do with a whole box of tomatoes, mushrooms, or bananas?!? We want to know! Document your meal or even share it with other BFR volunteers. We want to see you get creative here…

5. Oct/Nov: Funniest/Most Ridiculous Costume: We want to see those hilarious costumes worn on your BFR shifts!

  • Similar to the selfie game, we want to see pictures of you in awesome costumes biking food around for BFR! Get creative, bold, brave, and as always, BE SAFE. We are excited about this.

6. Dec/Jan: Best Bfr StORy of the Year.

  • We want to hear about all the madness that has happened to you on your shifts throughout the past year.

  • You’ve got documentation? EVEN BETTER! Share this with us.


We will send out reminders for each game before it starts. The next game up is the Ice World Challenge, so prepare yourselves!


Please remember to keep the games, fun, friendly, and safe. The cape could be yours…


Please be sure to include the #TakeTheCape in any picture, mention, or social media blurb you write about BFR with these games. This way we can create and maintain this campaign and everyone can be involved!