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community_cycles_logo225x91Community Cycles is a non-profit of bicyclists, bike-lovers and supporters that promote, educate and advocate for the safe use of bicycles for transportation. Community Cycles has been our longest-lasting community partner that provides memberships for our maintenance team to use their workshop to fix BFR bikes and trailers. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them! They have an awesome warehouse, workshops and used bikes for sale. Check them out here!


Twisted Pine Brewing Co. is an established Boulder brewery that has a full line up of award winning beers. Their commitment to community is just as strong as their passion in beer. We partner with Twisted Pine to hold our annual Fall volunteer celebrations, and they regularly donate to our other events.


kgnu  KGNU is the independent, noncommercial, community radio station for     Boulder, Denver and beyond. KGNU is always willing to help promote BFR when we   have events, good ideas ore more! Special thanks to Maeve Conran for being a huge  supporter!

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Our Donors

We regularly pick up food from:

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We deliver food to:

Other community partners and supporters:



One of our donors, Whole Foods Baseline had this to say about our partnership…
There were a number of reasons why we were drawn to form a partnership with the Boulder Food Rescue, “ says Ryan Haney, team lead, Whole Foods Market Baseline store. “As a company, our team members are passionate about reducing the amount of waste we generate and while we make sure to compost all of our food waste that we are unable to donate, it was difficult to find an organization that could put our highly perishable items to use in a timely manner. In addition, their unique practice of bicycle pick up and deliveries demonstrates their commitment to find multiple ways to benefit both the community and the environment – values that we as a company hold dearly.
–Ryan Haney, Store Team Leader
These are a few testimonials from a selection of the organizations we provide food to…
Resident at a low-income elderly home upon receiving the food for the first time:

Everyone at High Mar was thrilled with the beautiful fresh produce and breads Nina brought to us today.  It was a roaring success!  People were so surprised and thankful for all of your help.  Even though the word hasn’t reached everyone yet, most of the food was gone within about 2 hours.  The room was a buzz with enthusiasm!  We especially loved all of the fresh veggies and fruit because quite a few of us follow a plant-based diet.There’s another wonderful outcome of your food program.  Three people suggested we make the Sunday morning Boulder Food Rescue donation a social event with coffee and tea.  The reason this is so special is that it gives us another community-building activity.  Having free food available here also draws out the shier, more isolated members of our little community, and gives them a chance to connect with their neighbors.Thank you so much for all of the beautiful, generous work you’re doing.

Q: How has Boulder Food Rescue [food] impacted your organization?

The Boulder Shelter for the Homeless serves over 300 meals a day during the winter season. Boulder Food Rescue has made it possible to offer healthy and fresh food for our clients. Additionally, Boulder Food Rescue serves as an invaluable liaison, strengthening the relationship between the Homeless Shelter and the community that supports our services.

–Sarah Haas, Kitchen Manager, Boulder Shelter for the Homeless

When BFR showed up, unannounced and unplanned for, at the 1st Pres Thanksgiving outreach meal last November, the man in charge thought they were, literally, angels. He had just realized they had bought nowhere near enough salad materials to feed the expected crowd of homeless and marginalized people. Suddenly, in came a couple of folks carrying enormous amounts of lettuce and other produce! They handed it over and left, while the cooks praised the Lord! We too, at our Lamb’s Ministry Saturday meals for Boulder’s homeless population, feel that the fresh produce is a gift from God. Thank you all so much for supporting our ministry!

–Elsi Dodge, Lamb’s Lunch at First Presbyterian Church

Food donated by Boulder Food Rescue has positively impacted Chrysalis Co-op by providing us with the healthy food that is so central to our fostering of intentional community and sustainability.Chrysalis is incredibly grateful to Boulder Food Rescue for the important work that it does to nurture these values in our co-op, as well as in the wider Boulder community.

– Ashley Basta, Chrysalis Housing Co-op

Boulder Food Rescue has allowed us to provide our homeless youth with fruits and vegetables making a huge impact on their health. They also come by with yummy meals that have helped us on many nights when we were short on hot food. They have a great team of caring individuals and we are so glad to have them as our partners in helping us provide much-needed resources to the homeless community.

– Anna Maria Pirone, Executive Director, StandUp For Kids – Boulder