Our Team

This team includes staff and volunteers!

Hana Dansky, Executive Director

hanaHana Dansky sees food as a catalyst for change, a tool that works to build community and bring people together. They co-founded BFR in 2011 and has been director of the organization since 2012. Hana is also a part of the Boulder County HEAL, co-founder of Boulder FNB, a Chinook Fund Giving Project member working to fundraise and move money into grassroots organizing organizations. Hana is a genderqueer individual who started a LGBTQ activist and safer space in Boulder and a instigator and supporter of other various loud ideas attempting to create more inclusive spaces. When not organizing, Hana is in the mountains with Ruckus Dog or writing lots of words onto paper.

Lindsey Loberg, Program DirectorLindseyBikeSelfie
Lindsey Loberg first became involved with food justice work as a high school teacher in Milwaukee, WI, facilitating student projects that explored food systems, food access, food waste, and food sovereignty. Food touches everything and everybody, and Lindsey loves using food as a tool to connect with and learn from people. Lindsey has been involved with Boulder Food Rescue since the fall of 2014, originally as a volunteer excited to bike food around Boulder.

Kate Eno, Volunteer Coordinator  unnamed
Kate first encountered a BFR volunteer in action while working for a local farm at the Boulder Farmers’ Market. BFR supports her greatest passions – good food, environmental sustainability, social justice, and community. Kate‘s previous life adventures include coordinating a weekly community meal in small-town Iowa, preaching the gospel of local, organic produce at the grocery co-op in her hometown of Lincoln, NE, and living out of a backpack for a year while farming and eating her way across Southeast Asia and Central America. Nowadays, when not BFRing, Kate loves to whip up some nutritious yumminess in the kitchen, immerse herself in Middle Earth adventures, or get out for an exploratory hike or bike ride around town. She also has an enormous sweet tooth and enjoys making experimental vegan baked goods filled with fruits and vegetables.

Elizabeth Gibb, Development Assistant
Elizabeth Gibb a native Boulderite, recently returned back home. Her career as a Chef and her love of farming has sparked her interest in food sustainability and the systems surrounding it. She has been actively involved with Slow Foods and Chef’s Collaborative, both with goals to change the way we eat and changing the lives of the communities around us. Feeling the need to take this passion up a notch, she sought out Boulder Food Rescue, which falls in line with her ethics and love of food.

Caleb Phillips, Part Robot, Part Foundercaleb
Caleb is a featherless bipedal humanoid passionate about food justice and finding creative ways to use technology to address social issues. When he’s not biking around gawking at trees, he balances his efforts between his day job as a data scientist at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado, an adjunct professor of computer science at the University of Colorado, and as a worker bee for a number of nonprofit organizations (Falling Fruit and Boulder Food Rescue are two). Besides all that work stuff, he likes to climb rocks, run trails, ride bikes, and generally be outdoors as much as possible. Caleb was Boulder Food Rescue’s first (volunteer) Executive Director, and helped start the organization with Hana and Becky. Since leaving the Board of Directors in 2012, he has served as the advisory board member responsible for Science and Technology program development.

Ingrid Castro-Campos, Participatory Research Coordinator and Translator

Ingrid is an active member from the Latino community in Boulder County. She has been involved in volunteering programs such as BVSD Food School Project which creates opportunities for students to interact with their food and nutrition in a conscious way. She also voices Latinos in different parent committees such as Thorne Nature Experience and I have a Dream Foundation. Her interest in Social Justice, non-violent communication, and community education feed her need to enhance Latinos’ participation in constructive dialogues. She is currently a full time college student and works as a Community Services Interpreter.

Joel Marquez, Research Assistant

Joel is a first-year undergraduate student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. His interest in research led him to join this research team and he hopes to be able to help by using his bilingual skills to extend the range of participants to include members of the Spanish speaking community. He is also thrilled to be able to work with the community in order to effectively understand what obstacles prevent them from accessing healthy food and helping to develop a solution that can help reduce food insecurity.


Chris Schaefbauer, Community Based Research Fellow

Chris Schaefbauer is a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. His research focus is human-centered computing and community-based participatory research. He has 5 years of experience conducting community-based research and in working with communities to develop technologies that address issues that are important to them.

 Messa, Coordinator
Messa is from a place where the rocks are red and climbed upon on the days when there is no rain. Frequently, they can be found playing tenor saxophone, leisurely rollerskating to their next destination, or discussing ways to address the current gaps in our food system. They have been really excited about food justice for many years, and currently work in food systems at Cultivando. Messa loves to collaborate through teaching and learning and is stoked to connect!


Kristina Thomas, Coordinator
Kristina Thomas is a third year student at CU-Boulder studying Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies. She’s particularly interested in permaculture and biomimicry, and for fun likes to ride her bike, dumpster dive, cook, and go backpacking. She hope to learn a lot about nonprofits, hone some skills, and have a lot of fun with BFR!



Cole Chaloupka, Coordinator 
Cole Chaloupka is a Junior studying Marketing, Social Responsibility in business, and Arts & Media at CU Boulder. He loves being outdoors, sports, art, writing, and music. He has a beautiful 2-year old cat named Neville who’s the center of his world.



Michael Benko, #1 Coordinator! and Trailer Maintenance Crew
benkoMichael Benko has been involved with food justice since his initial involvement with the Boulder and Santa Cruz (CA) chapters of Food Not Bombs around 2010. He has always enjoyed the connections that can be made over meals, and has never been let down by the rush of excitement at having food available both for himself and for others. As the years have progressed, he has never forgotten about the inefficiencies of our nations (and the world’s) food systems, and is continually looking to further educate himself on these systems and their intersections with other forms of oppression and inefficiency. In his opinion, food justice is part of a humongous web of societal construction, and finds it fascinating to see how things like food deserts develop in cities, or how people (such as himself) can be so easily convinced that there are no problems with our current food (or political/societal/educational) resources. Michael Benko hates shopping. However, he does love tinkering with bicycles and continually dreams of creating the best franken-bikes available. He has recently been riding fixed, but accepts the general judgement of himself by others for doing so, and strives to never pass judgement on those who ride with their seats too low or wear full body spandex. The world is a complicated place, and even more so when navigating it by bicycle. Michael is extremely excited at the opportunity to work with Boulder Food Rescue, and can’t wait to start meeting all of the incredible volunteers!

KD Leka, Dr. Derailleur, Trailer Maintenance Pro

KD has been a gear-head since high school, and that was a long, long time ago (in a Baked-Bean City far, far away…).  She’s long been involved in community cycling through teaching young people to build their own bikes, and KDL_snow_commute1through bicycle safety programs — but also just as passionately, she hates to see good stuff wasted.  KD’s moniker plays off of her profession as a research physicist, and grey hair currently prevents her from hauling super-heavy loads, so she has some light-weight shifts and otherwise bikes around Boulder with her “mobile bike-shop”, helping keep BFR’s bikes and trailers rolling (and safe!). Keep it rubber-side down out there!


Kevin Reader, BFR Bull Horse, Trailer Maintenance Pro
Kevin moved to Boulder to study atmospheric science sometime in the last century, and hasn’t found a compelling reason to leave this biking paradise.   He’s been exploring the usefulness of bikes for staying healthy, commuting up to NCAR, transporting kids in trailers and on tag-alongs, hauling recyclables to CHaRM and EcoCycle, and now  volunteering with BFR.  BFR combines many of his interests and goals – utility biking, helping the disadvantaged, waste reduction, sustainable living, fixing things – and wraps it all up in a community of enthusiastic, like-minded people.  When he’s not working or hauling for BFR he likes hiking, cross-country skiiing, tending his berry patches cooking for his family, and occasionally finding time for wood working.

John “Long Haul” Marlin, Trailer Maintenance Pro Hailing from the ivory spires of Urbana Illinois, Jewel of the North, John got his start in food policy at the University of Illinois where he arranged images and words about sustainable ag and climate research. Eventually numbed by digitized abstractions, John quit his job and spent an ill-fated summer picking organic vegetables and learning that exhaustion and poverty are less romantic than advertised.

John believes that bikes are the font of all that is good and true in the universe and that Food Rescue Riders suffuse Boulder’s streets with a humanizing benevolence. He hopes you will support the program so that he can continue repairing and replacing the components that keep them rolling.