Old Board & Bylaws

BFR Volunteers at a weekly operations meeting. From left to right: Levi, Helen, Becky, Caleb, and Hana. Photo by Ali Bibbo.

The Board

Our board of directors are in charge of directing the organization, and maintaining the bylaws. As per the bylaws, directors have an active role in day to day operation. In many cases, they began as volunteers. They are:

  • Rhonda Hoenigman, President, CU Boulder Computer Science Professor
  • Suze Bragg, Treasurer, CHO of Main West Financial
  • Michael Lecesse, ED of CO Urban Land Institute
  • Xavier Rojas, CU Boulder Ecology Researcher
  • Barbara O’neill, ED of Harvest of Hope Food Pantry

Our advisory board is composed of community leaders. The advisory board meets periodically with the board of directors to help direct and inform the big-picture goals of Boulder Food Rescue. Currently our advisory board is just one person:

  • Caleb Phillips, University of Colorado, Boulder

Bylaws and Advocacy

Our bylaws describe our mission and operating principles. The authoritative version of the bylaws will always be available here. You can download them as plain text or a pdf.

The Boulder Food Rescue Board just released this advocacy statement concerning homelessness in Boulder:

We, as a human services agency in Boulder, will engage in advocacy where necessary to ensure that all Boulder citizens have the right to access basic human services including, but not limited to, access to nutritious food and safe shelter in a dignified manner. We work to build partnerships in both public and private sectors that will create positive impact in providing essential resources.

Also, as per our bylaws, notes from all of our board meetings are available:

A letter from the IRS confirming our status as a federal tax-exempt 501(c)3 is available here, you can verify our current status as a charity by searching publication 78, and can check out our articles of incorporation and status as a nonprofit with the State of Colorado.