Logistics Director

Boulder Food Rescue is hiring a full time Logistics Director to work with our team to support the every day logistics and maintenance of our Food Redistribution Program.

How to Apply

  1. Read the Job Description below
  2. Click this to download the employment application.
  3. Fill out and email this application (same link as above) to Hayden Dansky at, [email protected], by Monday October 8th, 6pm.

We look forward to reviewing your submission. We will be in touch about the interview process. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Hayden.

Job Description: Logistics Director (this link will download description as a pdf)

Employment Description: Logistics Director

Full Time Employee
Hours: 32 hrs a week at $15/hr until salaried
Schedule Requirements: Must work every other weekend and some holidays

Reports to:  Program Director

Job Description: The Logistics Director (LD) is responsible for maintaining the BFR schedule to reflect the needs of the daily operations of the food redistribution program, developing and managing programs to recruit and train new volunteers, managing and motivating existing volunteers, and working on daily logistics of volunteer coordination. The Logistics Director also manages the Volunteer Engagement Coordinator (VEC) who works to engage and recruit volunteers. The core task of delegating responsibilities to volunteers, individually and through committees and working groups, is accomplished by the Logistics Director.


I. Daily Logistics

A. Daily Shifts: Checking the rescue log daily, asking volunteers to cover open shifts for the next day, and completing shifts when no volunteer is available. This happens 3-4 days per week.

B. Volunteer Communication: Answering BFR volunteer phone hotline to address immediate concerns for daily shifts (being on-call). Furthermore, the LD will address volunteer concerns and questions through emails.

II. Redistribution Schedule Logistics

A. Maintenance: The LD is responsible for ensuring the volunteer schedule is full and up-to-date.

B. Changing the Schedule: The LD will work with the Program Team, which includes the Program Director, Participant Coordinator, Food Donor Coordinator and Volunteer Engagement Coordinator,  to make changes to the schedule, when necessary. When a change is made, the Logistics Director will notify volunteers.

C. Food Rescue Robot: The “Food Rescue Robot ‘(Robot)’” is the web-application software, maintained by BFR, that manages the schedule, volunteer coordination, data logging and route information. The Logistics Director will update the Robot with all necessary information when a change is made to the schedule.

D. Food Rescue Logs: The LD is responsible for daily monitoring of the rescue log reports for comments from volunteers about their shift, forwarding those concerns to appropriate BFR staff or volunteer teams, and following up with the volunteer.


III. Train Volunteers:

A. Train New Volunteers: The Logistics Director is responsible for responding to emails and organizing the New Volunteer Orientations (NVO). They work with the VEC, who will run the NVOs. After the NVO, they will be responsible for setting up volunteers with a training shift and making sure they fill out their data on the Robot.

B. Training Trainers:  The LD will set guidelines and expectations for training new volunteers. The LD is responsible for relaying these expectations to the volunteer trainers who take new volunteers along their shifts. The LD will periodically conduct “train the trainer” workshops for volunteer trainers.

C. Maintaining Volunteer Expectations: The LD will hold volunteers accountable to BFR expectations, particularly around food sorting and timeliness. This could look like check-ins, reminders, sharing resources, or whatever the LD thinks is appropriate.  

IV. Volunteer Team Management

A. Maintenance Team: The LD is responsible for the overall maintenance of the bikes, trailers and other volunteer equipment necessary for day-to-day operations. The LD will work with the maintenance team to ensure the equipment is safe and ready to use for all volunteers.

B. Event Volunteer Coordination: The LD will recruit and coordinate logistics for tabling and outreach events through the event volunteer team.

V. Manage Volunteer Engagement Coordinator

A. The LD is responsible for ensuring the success of employee that they manage, the Volunteer Engagement Coordinator. They will maintain a commitment to active engagement, ongoing coaching and critical skills development. The LD will schedule meetings with the VEC to make sure the individual goals of the VEC are being met. The yare responsible for upholding the job description and contract, goals and following up with the VEC to make sure all tasks delegated are being accomplished.

B. The LD will work with the VEC to make sure that the BFR volunteer coordination is being maintained on a daily basis. The LD and VEC will work together to ensure that all shifts are being covered, 7 days a week, between the two employees. The LD and VEC will split volunteer coordination duties, each taking 3-4 days per week, so that the responsibilities are covered and that weekends and holidays are split. They will communicate with each other about these days, and work to make sure that each has alternating days and weekends off from this duty. The LD is ultimately responsible for managing this schedule split,ensuring all days are covered, and notifying the Program Team about this schedule.

VI. Staff Support and Other Tasks

A. Weekly Meetings: The Logistics Director will attend the following meetings weekly:

    1. Logistics Meeting with the Program Team
    2. Weekly Check-In with the Program Director
    3. Staff meeting with all staff

B. Projects: If all daily logistical needs and other tasks are accomplished, the logistics director may choose to support the work of the VEC or other Program Team staff, focusing on short and long term goals relevant to the Volunteer Program and organization as a whole.

C. Board Meetings: At times the Logistics Director may be asked to attend a board meeting or board retreat to engage in strategic planning, or present relevant information to the board. This will occur as needed and will be scheduled well in advance.

D. Event Support: Twice a year, BFR hosts a large event, including an annual conference and an annual fundraising event. The Logistics Director will be asked to have a minimal support role during the day and night of the event (once in the Spring and once in the Fall).

Other Notes on Employment:

Performance Evaluation: The LD is a part of the Program Team of BFR. The Program Team conducts 360 performance evaluations, annually, with check in’s half way through the year. Each member conducts their own self-evaluation, and also selects a member to evaluate through both a written performance evaluation and in-person meeting to discuss.

Qualifications: Individual applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and evaluated based on merit and experience, with particular emphasis on leadership and communications skills, logistics and coordination skills and specifically, a strong work-ethic and personal dedication and passion for the mission of the organization.

The LD is responsible for running shifts occasionally. There are physical demands associated with running shifts such as lifting boxes up to 50 pounds, and by choice, biking with a trailer. The LD must have a valid drivers license and reliable transportation.

Leave:  Vacation and sick leave will be approved by the Program Director as needed. The LD will receive two weeks of paid time off (PTO) in a year. Time off will be allowed as requested with the expectation that the functionalities of the organization are maintained. The LD must give 3 weeks notice to have PTO approved by the Program Director, except in emergency cases such as sickness or emergencies. For process on PTO, see Appendix A in this contract.

If the LD works on a holiday, they may take off the day following the holiday or a a day of their choice approximately one week after the holiday. The LD will not work on Christmas.

If LD chooses to leave the organization, they are responsible for giving advance notice at least 2 months ahead of time and will work with the Program Director to support the training of the new LD that will take over their position.

Expenses: Any entirely-work-related expenses will be reimbursed in full by the organization, within one month of the date the expense was made. Documentation (i.e., receipts and/or proof of purchase documents) must be provided in a timely manner.

Benefits: Boulder Food Rescue provides the following benefits package for full time employment, while the employee remains employed with BFR:

      • RTD Ecopass
      • Ego Carshare membership
      • Laptop computer
      • Work cell phone and payment package
      • Personal cell phone payment package
      • Remote working and flexible schedule

General Provisions: This agreement sets forth and establishes the entire understanding between the organization and the executive director. Any prior discussions or representations by or between the parties are merged into and rendered null and void by this agreement. This agreement shall become active effective on the date it is signed below.

Boulder Food Rescue is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in any way shape or form.

Appendix A

Logistics Director Time Off Procedure

The LD gets 10 days of PTO. In order to allow for their position to have time off, when they are on-call and have daily responsibilities, the staff team will take responsibility for their daily operations to the best of their ability. The Logistics Director is responsible for notifying the Program Team and the Executive Director of their PTO days, at least 3 weeks in advance. The time off will first be covered by the Program Team in this order:

      1. Volunteer Engagement Coordinator
      2. Food Donor Coordinator
      3. Program Director
      4. Executive Director

The staff team will sign up for days to make sure all days are accounted for.

If the Logistics Director needs to take sick leave, they will also ask the Program Team in the same order of operations, but do not need to provide advance notice. If the sick leave is more than 2 days, the Program Team will have an impromptu meeting to discuss how the day-to-day responsibilities of the Logistics Director will be covered. If the Program Team cannot cover the sick-leave, they will work with the Executive Director to address the days off.