Spanish Speaking Recipient Coordinator

We are hiring a Spanish-speaking recipient coordinator for our work with no-cost grocery programs. Information about how to apply and the job description are below:

How to Apply

Click this to download the employment application.

Email Your Resume and THIS APPLICATION to: [email protected] by September 24th at 5pm.
We look forward to reviewing your submission. We will be in touch about the interview process.

Job Description: Spanish Speaking Recipient Coordinator

Position Start Date: October 3 2017
20-40 hours at $15/hr
Description and hours will be negotiated upon hire, and again in December for 2018
Reports to: Program Director

Job Description:  The Spanish Speaking Recipient Coordinator (SSRC) will develop and manage programs that improve the effectiveness of produce drops at no-cost grocery programs in Spanish-speaking communities. The SSRC will conduct outreach, notify residents of BFR’s grocery programs in the community, understand the needs of the community and respond to feedback from residents at these sites. The SSRC will also help translate key information and materials between Spanish and English.

Recipient Relationships

  1. Main Contact for Spanish-Speaking Recipients:
    1. SSRC is responsible for checking in with main recipients to make sure things are running smoothly monthly.
    2. As recipients try to get in touch with BFR, the SSRC is responsible for responding to these recipients and working out anything that needs to be worked out with them.
    3. SSRC is responsible for relaying any information about recipient changes to the Volunteer Coordinator and Program Director to let volunteers know and fix the robot with changes.
  2. Recipient Survey:
    1. The SSRC will work with the Program Director (PD) to develop a yearly recipient survey. The PD will be responsible for the development of the survey and the SSRC will be responsible for making sure that the survey is translated, accessible and completed by as many recipients as possible.
    2. As needed, they will help distribute and collect the survey as well. The SSRC is responsible for compiling information into a spreadsheet and writing a summary on the survey.
    3. SSRC will be responsible for working with the PD and Volunteer Coordinator to make any necessary changes to the schedule that arise from the survey. The SSRC will be responsible for suggesting specific program changes that may need to be made to the PD following the results from the survey.
  3. Outreach:
    1. The SSRC is responsible for conducting outreach to families at no-cost grocery programs. This looks like creating materials to explain our programs, conducting site visits during deliveries and going door-to-door to notify residents of the resource that is available to them.
    2. SSRC will ask questions to understand what needs still exist in the community around food access, and is responsible for documenting their findings. From this direct conversational research, the SSRC will help make suggestions in terms of program changes that BFR needs to make.
    3. The SSRC will attend and help coordinate community meals at no-cost grocery programs.
  4. Recipient Advisory Board:
    1. SSRC is responsible for asking spanish-speaking recipients if they would like to be on the board or advisory board, communicating responsibilities, and staying in communication with advisors to BFR.
    2. Information from the advisors to BFR should be communicated amongst staff to adjust programs as needed.
    3. If the Recipient Advisory Board finds it necessary to have a meeting, the SSRC will attend and interpret the meeting.

Community-Based Participatory Research

  1. The SSRC will help conduct and follow through with community-based participatory research as it relates to spanish-speaking communities. Many of the programs in the research have been conducted, and thus much of this work entails translating information into accessible formats for recipients.
  2. The SSRC will also work with BFR staff to host any future workshops that are in spanish around food access research and next steps.

Qualifications: Ability to read, write and speak fluently in both Spanish and English. Following that, individual applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and evaluated based on merit and experience, with particular emphasis on leadership and communications skills, combined with a strong work-ethic and personal dedication and passion for the mission of the organization. It is helpful but not required to have knowledge of community resources, experience in working with culturally diverse individuals and groups, and the ability to work independently and to assume responsibility for completion of complex workload without close supervision.

Physical Demands: This position works at housing sites, pre schools and occasionally in an office setting. At housing sites, there is the need to move door to door to talk to people and to work in inclement weather. There will also be a need for this position to travel between individual units and perhaps between sites on most days.