Internship – Fresh Food Connect

Fresh Food Connect Intern

Boulder Food Rescue is looking for an intern to support the Fresh Food Connect program, where we pick up produce from backyard gardeners and deliver it to neighbors who are facing food insecurity.  

Job Description

The Fresh Food Connect Intern will help support the Fresh Food Connect program at Boulder Food Rescue through conducting outreach, completing food pickups, and designing and completing other projects and tasks to support the program.


  1. Designing and implementing a Fresh Food Connect donor outreach campaign
  2. Conducting Fresh Food Connect pickups at least 2-3 times weekly.
  3. Design and implement another FFC-relevant event, campaign, or project of your choosing.

What You Get

  1. Involvement with a food justice organization focused on addressing food access barriers and participatory systems of food access.
  2. Professional support toward project completion.
  3. Ongoing mentorship from your internship supervisor.
  4. Upon completion of the internship, references and recommendations.

What We Need From You

  1. Availability
    • Contribute 12-30 hours weekly during summer (at least late May through late August).
    • Attend occasional meetings with BFR staff.
    • Somewhat flexible schedule with some weekday mornings available.Physical Requirements
  2. Communication
  3. Accountability
  4. Flexibility



Contact Lindsey at [email protected].