No Cost Grocery Programs

No Cost Grocery Programs are food distribution programs that exist within residents’ own community rooms or schools.

Although there are many amazing organizations in Boulder committed to feeding people, there are still barriers to accessing these organizations. Quinn and Mal

To overcome these barriers, we go straight to where people gather, including low-income housing sites, family sites, senior homes, daycares, and preschools. Here, we support the community leaders who are in charge of how, when, and where to distribute the food.

This participatory approach enables community leaders to actualize their own food security.

To know more about our recipient process go to our Recipient Page.

“You all don’t empower people. You are bridge builders, relationship builders. You build the bridges between food resources and communities who desire that food. You don’t empower people to walk over the bridge, they already have their own power.”  – BFR Member