Giving Team

Want to volunteer to support Boulder Food Rescue and gain skills in fundraising and development? The Giving Team gives you a chance to develop grassroots fundraising skills and language and support an organization that you love at the same time. This is a volunteer development cohort is focused on increasing the financial sustainability of Boulder Food Rescue.

Why? Because movements have always been funded by their community and the people that truly believe in their work. And because we want to teach you how to do this too.

Giving Team members are… 

  • An invaluable cohort of members focused on development
  • Allowed to come and learn and grow and be in community

Giving Team members will…

  • Support BFR to continue growing and increasing impact
  • Meet quarterly as a group with BFR’s Executive Director to learn critical fundraising skills, develop goals, and get the support they need from cohort members
  • Agree to certain membership goals that each member determines based on their own strategy and goals
  • Complete one-on-one fundraising asks with their goals in mind
  • Put in roughly 8 hours of meeting time and 20 hours of fundraising time throughout the year
  • Have one-on-one support and check-ins from BFR’s Executive Director
  • Make a meaningful contribution to Boulder Food Rescue, of their own desired amount (seriously, anything that is meaningful to you).

Giving Team members do not need to

  • Have any background knowledge or experience on fundraising
  • Have access to or relationships with financially wealthy friends, family, etc.
  • Have financial wealth of their own.

Interested? Next Steps:
Send Hayden an email ([email protected]) answering these two questions:

  1. Why are you interested in joining the BFR Giving Team?
  2. Can you commit to the 8-month program? (May-Dec. 2018; hours listed below)


Meeting 1: May 24th, 5:30-8:30pm in Boulder
~3 hours

  • Boulder Food Rescue and Community-driven work
  • Food access and insecurity in Boulder
  • Philanthropy (Traditional models and grassroots models)
  • Developing peer-to-peer fundraising plans

Meeting 2:  June 7th, 5:30-8:30pm in Boulder
~3 hours

  • Grassroots Fundraising
  • Direct asks
    • Framing
    • Language
    • Follow- up

Between Meeting 2-3: Making direct asks; Inviting individuals to fundraising event
~10-15 hours (depending on personal goals)

Meeting 3: October (Date TBD)
~2 hours

  • Other creative fundraising strategies

Between Meeting 3-4: Finishing direct asks
~ 5-10 hours (depending on personal goals)

Meeting 4: December (Date TBD)
~2 hours

  • Celebration

These ideas have been adopted from two of our favorite non-profits: The Chinook Fund Giving Project and Denver Food Rescue’s Leadership Circle.