Forward Food Summit

Hosted in collaboration between Boulder Food Rescue , Denver Food Rescue and Colorado Springs Food Rescue.

2017 Forward Food Summit: April 1st

Mercury Cafe, 2199 California St. Denver, CO



This year’s Forward Food Summit is brought to you in collaboration of Boulder Food Rescue, Denver Food Rescue and Colorado Springs Food Rescue. Together we are hosting the second collaborative front range Forward Food Summit, and the fourth Forward Food Summit ever.

This years un-conference is focused on Food and Traditional Knowledge

Our goals are to create an interactive space for everyone involved, to learn and engage with traditional knowledge and the idea of food as a central point for cultural storytelling. We want to both engage the audience with new ideas and to provide a space for individuals to network and facilitate potential collaborations between people working in the food justice field in the Front Range area.

All proceeds for this event will be split between the three front range organizations. These organizations work in their communities to provide healthy food access to those in need by redistributing healthy food that would otherwise be wasted and setting up no-cost grocery programs with communities to break down barriers to accessing food, by bicycle. These organizations are members of a peer learning network called the Food Rescue Alliance, that helps support individuals in starting food rescue programs and is a space to share next and best practices, ideas and documents.

The entire day will be in both English and Spanish. Childcare is available. Lunch will also be served.

Tickets are $35 for General Admission, with scholarships available at pay-what-you-can rates.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in a scholarship.



Day 1: Saturday, April 1st 

 TBD — COMING SOON! Hold your horses!


Day 2: Sunday, April 2nd (For the Food Rescue Alliance Network)

Location: Green Spaces 1368 26th St. Denver
Invite Only: See Hana Dansky for more information
Lunch will be served.

Food Rescue Alliance: Peer Learning Network
Hana Dansky, Boulder Food Rescue
The goal of this workshop is to build networks of food rescue organizations while developing the structure of the peer learning network of Food Rescue Alliance. We will discuss incorporating social justice into our work, peer learning networks, individual organizations’ strengths and weaknesses, and larger-scale visioning for FRA.



El Registro: 9:30-10:00AM

Inauguración: 10:00-10:15AM 
Boulder Food Rescue & Denver Food Rescue & Colorado Springs Food Rescue
Sesión 1: 9:15-9:45AM
Sesión 2 (Sistemas Contra la Opresión): 9:45-10:45AM

Our Mission

The Forward Food Summit exists to address issues surrounding food justice by creating a platform for the collaboration of organizations and people fighting for a more equitable food system. Our work is guided by the principles of inclusivity, transparency, and compassionate action.


Our Vision

We envision a food system built on the conscientious collaboration of community members who are committed to a sustainable system of food practices. We hope that The Forward Food Summit will establish a creative network of people dedicated to building such a food system where social and environmental considerations are prioritized over profit.


Our food system is plagued with innumerable problems and systemic poisons. From corporate farming to general wastefulness, the brokenness of the American food structure is apparent.

Thousands of social change agents have been spurred into action, starting groups committed to addressing both systemic causes and immediate needs. Unfortunately, often times these two different groups exist in silos from one another. Some organizations address the issues of food waste and insecurity very well, but do little to address the fundamental causes of these inequities, while other organizations are well founded in addressing the underlying causes of food inequities, but do little to address the urgent need that food insecure people have.The primary issue with this difference is not the fact that these organizations exist to address different elements of the problem but rather that there seems to be a lack of communication and collaboration between the different entities.  Therefore, it is our intent to help create a space where the issues surrounding our current food system can be addressed in a holistic, inclusive and collaborative manner.


We hope to connect people from all over the general movement and promote a concept we have coined as “Forward Food Thinking”. Forward food thinking implies the simultaneous consideration  of both fundamental food injustices and urgent needs of those who are food insecure.

You can contact us by e-mail [email protected]