Forward Food Summit

Hosted in collaboration between Boulder Food Rescue , Denver Food Rescue and Colorado Springs Food Rescue.

2017 Forward Food Summit: April 1st

Mercury Cafe, 2199 California St. Denver, CO



This year’s Forward Food Summit is brought to you in collaboration of Boulder Food Rescue, Denver Food Rescue and Colorado Springs Food Rescue. Together we are hosting the second collaborative front range Forward Food Summit, and the fourth Forward Food Summit ever.

This years un-conference is focused on Food and Traditional Knowledge

Our goals are to create an interactive space for everyone involved, to learn and engage with traditional knowledge and the idea of food as a central point for cultural storytelling. We want to both engage the audience with new ideas and to provide a space for individuals to network and facilitate potential collaborations between people working in the food justice field in the Front Range area.

All proceeds for this event will be split between the three front range organizations. These organizations work in their communities to provide healthy food access to those in need by redistributing healthy food that would otherwise be wasted and setting up no-cost grocery programs with communities to break down barriers to accessing food, by bicycle. These organizations are members of a peer learning network called the Food Rescue Alliance, that helps support individuals in starting food rescue programs and is a space to share next and best practices, ideas and documents.

The entire day will be in both English and Spanish. Childcare is available. Lunch will also be served.

Tickets are $35 for General Admission, with scholarships available at pay-what-you-can rates.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in a scholarship.

I will no longer be made to feel ashamed of existing. I will have my voice: Indian, Spanish, white. I will have my serpent’s tongue – my woman’s voice, my sexual voice, my poet’s voice. I will overcome the tradition of silence.”
― Gloria E. Anzaldúa


Day 1: Saturday, April 1st 

9:30 – 10:00am : Coffee and Networking

10:00am: Introduction

Food Rescue Alliance

The Food Rescue Alliance is a coalition of food rescue organizations building movement and power together to create innovative healthy food access across Colorado and beyond. This is a welcome to the Forward Food Summit.

10:30am: Anti-Oppression Workshop

Celeste Razavi-Shearer-Spink

Indigenous Self-Determination and Holistic Reclamation of Traditional Food Practices: From our seeds to our return to the earth, how have settler-colonialism and capitalism impacted diet, health, and agricultural relationships in communities dispossessed of their homelands and freedom? This conversation will touch on the roots of health disparities affecting indigenous communities that have informed the dangerous patenting of indigenous peoples’ genetic material, as well as that of our traditional plants.

11:20am: Morning Performance

Victoria Gómez Betancourt and Laura Malaver: Singing and Live Painting

11:30am: Speaking Up: Our Stories, Our Communities, Our Radical Solutions 

Mia Ramirez, The Colorado Trust and Michelle Larkins, PPCC

In this two-part workshop Mia and Michelle engage participants in the act of storytelling to examine:

  1. What are the lies we are telling ourselves and our communities? (stock stories)
  2. What are our stories that get silenced in the dominant culture? (concealed stories)
  3. Where are our examples of resilience and resistance? (resistance stories)
  4. What story do we want to write for the future of our communities? (counter stories)

We know that storytelling and narratives are an important way that communities and cultures pass tradition, knowledges, and make meaning out of current events. However, dominant narratives can also be used to silence, cover-up, or only tell a partial ‘truth’. We want to give conference participants the time and space to share out both the oppressive, and transformative aspects of stories. We will end with ideas and a practical tool-kit you can take back to your organizations/communities for how to use storytelling projects as radical praxis.

12:30pm: Lunch


Lunch will be catered by Comal Heritage Food Incubator. Each of the talented cooks have prepared a dish from their past, their family, or their culture. During lunch each cook will take a few minutes to explain the dish she prepared, and share the story of that dish.

1:20pm Lunch Performance

Laura Goldhammer and Yousef Yaseen, Musical Performances

1:30pm: Food Rescue Alliance: More opportunities to get involved

1:45pm: Traditional Storytelling Circle: The Indigenous Perspective on food and our stories

Doug Goodfeather, Lakota Way Healing Center

Food is a part of ceremony.  We feed in a spiritual and loving way, bringing the purpose of our life’s work into perspective.  Hear from Doug Goodfeather, member of the Lakota Nation of Standing Rock and current resident of Northglenn, CO., as he shares the importance of food as a healer, warrior, and Native American leader.

2:15pm: Afternoon Performance 

Assetou Xango, Slam Poetry Performance

2:30pm: Refugees from Burma tell their stories of farming in Colorado

Food Stories Across Borders

Seh Meh and Nu Meh, Project Worthmore

Project Worthmore is a nonprofit organization in Aurora, Colorado dedicated to restoring worth to the 30,000 refugees living the Denver area. DeLaney Community Farm is a collaborative partnership between Denver Urban Gardens and Project Worthmore. The five-acre urban farm in Aurora provides refugees to access to farming, healthy food and community. Seh Meh and Nu Meh will share their stories and experiences on the farm.

3:00pm: Food Knowledge Between Generations

Neambe Leadon, Doris Jeffries, Libya and Selasia Leadonvita, Harriet and Sadie Boonen, Brittni Hernandez, Laura Archibeque

What do we learn from each other about food? In this session we will explore a variance of ways that different communities pass knowledge to each other through food. We will hear from grandparents and grandchildren about what they teach each other, in order to explore cultural and generational knowledge passing.

4:00pm: Final Performance

Montbello Group, Members of the Montbello community perform a sketch on food access in their neighborhood.


Countering Food Injustice

Full Circle Food Team, Colorado Springs Food Rescue, Mia Ramirez, Michelle Larkins

Counter stories are our dreams, visions, and strategies for empowered communities. These are more than resistance narratives, a counter story is a way forward to food justice, and food sovereignty. In this session, three young leaders from CSFR will share the counter stories of their own lives, working as a part of the Full Circle Food Team. Then participants will have the chance to engage in their own counter stories, building upon the morning’s work.


Day 2: Sunday, April 2nd (For the Food Rescue Alliance Network)

Location: Green Spaces 1368 26th St. Denver
Invite Only: See Hana Dansky for more information
Lunch will be served.

Food Rescue Alliance: Peer Learning Network
Hana Dansky, Boulder Food Rescue
The goal of this workshop is to facilitate a strategic planning process for Food Rescue Alliance for the next year. Food Rescue Alliance is a network of food rescue organizations throughout the US and Canada that work to share information, ideas and support with one another. We will discuss our current peer learning network, and focus on how we want to build FRA over the next year. This will encompass naming our values, prioritizing our work, and funding our network.



Día 1: Sábado, 1 Abril

9:30-10AM Cáfe y Networking 

Inauguración: 10:00-10:15AM 
Food Rescue Alliance

El Food Rescue Alliance es un coalición de organizaciones de ‘Food Rescue’ que cultiva fuerza entre todos quienes están involucrados para crear sistemas de alimentos de comidas accesible y justos en Colorado y por fuera. Esta es la introducción a el Forward Food Summit.

1030am: Taller Contra la Opresión

Celeste Razavi-Shearer-Spink

Autodeterminación para los indígenas  y recuperación de prácticas de alimentos de comida tradicional:
Desde nuestras semillas hasta nuestro regreso a la tierra, examinamos el impacto del colonialismo y el capitalismo en la dieta, salud y las relaciones agriculturales en comunidades que han sido eliminadas de su hogares y su libertad. Esta conversación cubrirá el origen de la salud que está empeorando entre comunidades indígenas, y también cómo esto ha informado el patente peligroso del material genético de la gente indígena y así nuestras plantas tradicionales.

1120am: Performance de la mañana y recepción
Victoria Gómez y Laura Malaver: [email protected] (contando y cantando) en vivo

1130am: Habla con Fuerza; nuestras cuentas, nuestras comunidades, nuestras soluciones radicales

Mia Ramirez, The Colorado Trust y Michelle Larkins, PPCC

Sabemos que el compartir cuentos y narrativas nos permite acercarnos a las comunidades y a las culturas para así preservar sus tradiciones, al igual que su sabiduría y entender eventos actuales que impactan a estas comunidades. Sin embargo, las narrativas dominantes pueden silenciar, cubrir, o solamente contar parte de la ‘verdad’. Queremos ofrecer participantes en la conferencia el espacio para contar aspectos de cuentos transformativos y opresivos. Terminamos con ideas y herramientas que se puede llevar consigo a su organización y comunidad sobre cómo usar proyectos de cuentos como prácticas radicales.

1230pm: Almuerzo


Almorzamos con Comal Heritage Food Incubator. Cada uno de los cocineros talentosos han preparado un plato de su pasado, su familia o su cultura. Durante el almuerzo, cada cocinero explicará en pocos minutos el plato y el cuento del plato.

130pm: Food Rescue Alliance- más oportunidades para involucrarse

145pm: Cuentos Tradicionales- El punto de vista de los indígenas sobre alimentos de comida y nuestra cuentos

Doug Goodfeather, Lakota Way Healing Center

Comida es parte de la ceremonia. Comimos con nuestro espíritu y corazón, enfocándonos en el propósito del trabajo en nuestra vida. Escucha a Doug Goodfeather, un miembro de la nación de Lakota de Standing Rock (y residente actual de Northglenn, Colorado) sobre la importancia de la comida de alguien que vive como un sanador, guerrero y líder de los Indígenas nativo-americanos.

215pm: Performance de la tarde y recepción

Assetou Xango, Creative Strategies for Change: Actuación de Poesía

230pm: Refugiados de Burma cuentan sus experiencias como agricultores y en las granjas de Colorado

Seh Meh and Nu Meh, Project Worthmore

Project Worthmore es una organización de Aurora, Colorado dedicada a restaurar el valor de los 30,000 refugiados que viven en Denver. Este año, Project Worthmore trabajará en conjunto con Denver Urban Gardens para operar Delaney Community Farm. Esta granja de 5 hectáreas será un lugar para refugiados para conseguir comida saludable, construir comunidades y continuar prácticas de granjas tradicionales. Seh Meh y Nu Meh va a compartir sus cuentos y experiencias en la granja.

3pm: La sabiduría de comidas entre generaciones

Neambe Leadon, Doris Jeffries, Libya and Selasia Leadonvita, Harriet and Sadie Boonen, Brittni Hernandez, Laura Archibeque

¿Qué aprendemos de cada uno  sobre la comidas, los alimentos? Exploramos métodos que unas comunidades usan para pasar sabidurías sobre la comida. Escucharemos de abuelos y nietos sobre lo que enseñan para cada uno para explorar el pasado de su cultura entre generaciones.

4pm: Rendimientos y recepción

Montbello Group

Miembros de la comunidad Montbello Presentan realidades del acceso de alimentos de comida en su barrio.

4:15pm: Lucha contra la Injusticia Alimentaria

Equipo de Comida de Full Circle, Colorado Spring Food Rescue, Mia Ramirez, Michelle Larkins

Las contra-historias son nuestros sueños, nuestra visión y nuestras estrategias para empoderar a las comunidades. Estas historias son más que narrativas de resistencia, una contra-historia es un camino hacia la justicia alimentaria y a la soberanía alimentaria. En esta sesión, tres jóvenes líderes de la CSFR compartirán las contra-historias de sus vidas, trabajando con el Equipo de Alimentos de Full Circle. Luego los participantes tendrán la oportunidad de participar en sus contra-historias, construyendo con el material y trabajo de esta mañana.

Día 2: Domingo, 2 Abril (para la red del Food Rescue Alliance)

Solo invitados: Preguntar a Hana Dansky para obtener más información

Food Rescue Alliance: Red de aprendizaje entre iguales

Hana Dansky, Boulder Food Rescue
El objetivo de este taller es el de facilitar procesos de planificación para el Food Rescue Alliance del próximo año. El Food Rescue Alliance es una red de organizaciones de ‘Food Rescue’ entre los Estados Unidos y Canadá que trabaja para compartir información, ideas y recursos. Discutimos la red de aprendizaje entre iguales y focalizamos entre cómo queremos  construir el Food Rescue Alliance para el año próximo. El taller incluirá un llamado a nuestros valores, el dar prioridad a nuestro trabajo y el cómo financiar nuestra red.