Food Rescue Alliance

_FRA-05_croppedThe Food Rescue Alliance is a program of Boulder Food Rescue aimed at facilitating grass roots food recovery and movement-building around ending food waste and engaging in food justice both in the Rocky Mountain region, and around the country.

The project entails:

  • A peer-learning network between food recovery organizations
  • The Food Rescue Robot: Technology development for logistics and tracking (read more here)
  • Creating documentation and resources for beginning food rescue groups, including the “Package Deal,” How to start your own food rescue guide.
  • The Food Rescue Directory – an open directory of food rescuers with (see here)
  • Organizing regional conferences on food justice issues (e.g., our Food Forward Summit)
  • Research on food waste and food recovery including municipal waste audits, nutrition studies, and sustainability analysis


The Peer Learning Network is a way for emerging innovative food rescue organizations to be able to share information, ideas, projects, values, and create an overall collaboration between people developing innovative models of food recovery in the country.

Membership Benefits:

Robot Use and full access to the Robot for data tracking and logistical services.  Access to computer technician to fix any bugs encountered.   Free to members
1-1 Consulting Services Individual assistance and training in the development of new food rescue organizations provided by FRA Team Manager Free to members
Access to Peer Learning Network Access to participate in Peer Learning Network to gain resources and insight from fellow FRA members through individual conversations as well as network workshops and gatherings Free to members
Additional Resources Access to additional resources including budget information, volunteer outreach materials, educational tools, and more collected through the Peer Learning Network and distributed by FRA Team Manager Free to members

Also, these are specifically the educational benefits:

Workshops Invitations to attend and participate in the facilitation of FRA bi-monthly workshops on diverse topics relevant to food rescue/food distribution organizations Free to members
Forward Food Summit Admission to the annual Forward Food Summit hosted by Boulder Food Rescue Free to members

Our Members:

Boulder Food Rescue
Denver Food Rescue
Colorado Springs Food Rescue
Hole Food Rescue
Seattle Food Rescue
Hunger Free Colorado
Loving Spoonful
Twin Cities Food Justice
Athens Food Rescue
Food Link, MA
Binghamton Food Rescue


Membership for the Alliance:

If you are interested in membership, please look over these documents to find out more.

1. Please download this document to learn more about our membership benefits, costs, and how it works.
2. Email our project manager at [email protected]


“The Food Rescue Alliance has been a tremendous resource in connecting us to other organizations that have the same vision as we do in addressing food insecurity within our communities. Additionally, the workshops have truly been inspirational and have served as a great way to connect with others to talk about food access barriers that our communities face. This ultimately leads to a dialogue about how we can work in partnership to address the barriers. That’s what you get when you get a lot of highly-motivated and passionate individuals to engage in a conversation—things get done!”

– Alejandra Perez Urkoski, MSW; Community Development Coordinator, Cultivando

My experience working with the FRA has been absolutely great. I reached out to the Food Rescue Alliance because I was close to burning out, and I wanted to find a way to better manage Eat United (Comamos Juntos) and balance it with my own life. The FRA more than filled that need. From the word go, they were extremely supportive and open. They wanted to hear about our work and they wanted to help. I was so motivated and inspired to hear from other food waste organizations and realize that my struggles were normal – and also conquerable.  It made me feel like part of a wider community working towards the same vision.

– Katie, Comamos Juntos, Managua, Nicaragua

“Being a part of Food Rescue Alliance has helped our small nonprofit achieve a bigger impact in less time. Before we were just a group of friends doing something we thought was important. Now, we’re part of a movement.”

-Turner Wyatt, Executive Director of Denver Food Rescue

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