Food Rescue Alliance

_FRA-05_croppedThe Food Rescue Alliance is a program of Boulder Food Rescue aimed at facilitating grass roots food recovery and movement-building around supporting community-based participatory food redistribution organizations in the Rocky Mountain region, the entire US, and beyond.

The project entails:

  • A peer-learning network between food recovery organizations, which includes many different systems of support and learning.
  • The Food Rescue Robot: Technology development for logistics and tracking (read more here)
  • Creating documentation and resources for beginning food rescue groups, including the “Package Deal,” How to start your own food rescue guide.
  • The Food Rescue Directory – an open directory of food rescuers with (see here)
  • Organizing an annual regional conference on food justice issues (e.g., our Food Forward Summit)
  • Research on food waste and food recovery including municipal waste audits, nutrition studies, and sustainability analysis

The Food Rescue Alliance peer learning network is a way for emerging innovative food rescue organizations to be able to share information, ideas, projects, values, and create an overall collaboration between people developing innovative models of food recovery in the country.

Membership Benefits:

1. Robot: Use and full access to the Robot for data tracking and logistical services.

2. 1-1 Direct Consulting Services: Individual assistance and training in the development of new food rescue organizations, up to a year from inception.

3. Access to Peer Learning Network: Access to participate in Peer Learning Network to gain resources and insight from fellow FRA members through individual conversations as well as network workshops and gatherings.

4. Bi-Monthly WorkshopsInvitations to attend and participate in the facilitation of FRA bi-monthly workshops on diverse topics relevant to and proposed by members.

5. Additional Starting Resources and Document Sharing: Access to additional resources including budgets, volunteer outreach materials, educational tools, recipient surveys and more collected through the Peer Learning Network.

6. Forward Food Summit:  Admission to the annual Forward Food Summit hosted by Boulder Food Rescue, Denver Food Rescue, Colorado Springs Food Rescue, Longmont Food Rescue and Groundwork Denver. For more information, please see the Forward Food Summit website here:

Our Members:

Boulder Food Rescue
Denver Food Rescue
Colorado Springs Food Rescue
Hole Food Rescue
Seattle Food Rescue
Hunger Free Colorado
Loving Spoonful
Twin Cities Food Justice
Athens Food Rescue
Food Link, MA
Binghamton Food Rescue

Membership for the Alliance:

Membership costs are created on a sliding scale based on organizational annual budget. No organization will be turned away for lack of funds. For more information about how it works and what it costs, please email our FRA Program Manager at [email protected]

To apply for membership please fill out this google form here. Membership applications will be reviewed on a monthly basis.

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