Food Donor Coordinator

Boulder Food Rescue is hiring a part time Food Donor Coordinator to work with food donors and improve our donation logistics. Information about how to apply and the job description are below:

How to Apply

Click this to download the employment application.

Email Your Resume and THIS APPLICATION  to:

[email protected] by October 4th at 5pm.
We look forward to reviewing your submission. We will be in touch about the interview process.

Job Description: Food Donor Coordinator

Position Dates: October 18 2017 – December 31, 2017
Half Time Hourly
20 Hours per Week at $14 per Hour
This contract runs until the end of 2017 and will be negotiated in December.
Reports to: Program Director

Job Description:  The Food Donor Coordinator (FDC) will develop relationships with and manage food donors of Boulder Food Rescue. They are responsible for using our curriculum to train food donors on best donation practices and conduct these trainings within retail stores. They will also be a first responder and communicate necessary information between food donors and staff. The food donor coordinator will work to help the organization meet its strategic goals specific to improving healthy food access and increasing food donations.

Food Donor Management

  1. Main contact for food donors: The Food Donor Coordinator is responsible for improving systems with donors if something is not working for them. Furthermore, this person must coordinate with the volunteer coordinator to make sure all volunteers know about any system changes and that the pick up schedule and notes for volunteers are updated with system changes.
  2. Receipts: The Food Donor Coordinator is responsible for delivering food donation receipts to food donors yearly. If donors need receipts more often, FDC is responsible for either producing those receipts or allowing donors to have access to their own information on The Robot, the BFR web application that data is recorded with.
  3. Donor Trainings: Food Donor Coordinator is responsible for performing three food donor trainings by the end of this year. Training includes educating donors on donation practices, food safety procedures, protection from liability laws and tax credit benefits. Stores that need training will be decided upon by FDC and PD, and the Program Director will provide direct support to the FDC to see these through.
  4. Check-Ins: For all other donors, the Food Donor Coordinator is responsible for performing one in-person visit per donor by the end of the year. At the check-in, the FDC will get feedback about the schedule, volunteers, food storage, contact people, and check to make sure all of the information on The Robot is accurate.
  5. Development of Materials: Food Donor Coordinator is responsible for developing materials towards best practices in food distribution, including educational materials about food waste and food donation and signage to improve food donation logistics (e.g. schedules, materials that distinguish BFR from other food redistribution agencies, “Put food for donation here” signage) 

Marketing Relationships with Donors

  1. The Food Donor Coordinator is responsible for communicating to the public what our relationships look like. This includes posting on social media, sending out e-marketing emails and using other forms of online communication to communicate partnerships with donors.
  2. The FDC will work with food donors to help set up displays about our relationships at retail outlets. This includes providing data and helping donors know they can communicate that they donate to Boulder Food Rescue.

Qualifications: Individual applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and evaluated based on merit and experience, with particular emphasis on leadership and communications skills, combined with a strong work-ethic and personal dedication and passion for the mission of the organization. It is helpful but not required to have knowledge of corporate relationship building, experience in working with groups, and the ability to work independently and to assume responsibility for completion of complex workload without close supervision.

Physical Demands: This position works at grocery stores and other food vendors.. There may be the need to travel between sites  work in inclement weather.

General Provisions:  Boulder Food Rescue is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in any way shape or form.