Real-Time Data

To date we have redirected 2,292,412 pounds of good food from landfills to hungry bellies in the city of Boulder.

That's equivalent to 764 full size manta rays. That many manta rays would eat 298,014 pounds of plankton a week. Manta rays are way cool.

1,146 tons of food is an awesome start, and has huge impacts in Boulder, but there's so much more to be done. This amount of food would fill 17 standard railroad boxcars---only a tiny bite into the 450,000 boxcars worth of food that are wasted annually in the US!

Keeping with our commitment to sustainability, in the last month 66% of food pick ups were performed by our hardworking volunteers using human-powered transportation (i.e., with bikes). And, since BFR began, 81% of all pick-ups, regardless of weather conditions, have been performed with bikes.

Here's a wordcloud generated automatically using descriptions of our pickups as entered by our volunteers:
squash veg non-dairy milk leeks mix cottage cheese deli pancakes pizza mashed potatoes - hearth bread orange various fruits and vegetables papayas deli items fish danish chard muffin dressing zuccini dozen eggs fruit and veggies flatbread salsas grapefruit fruit salads pizza dough tea lemonade black berries bread and pastry kohlrabi snack bars assorted fruits and vegetables dry goods assorted boxes of produce produce/fruit leafy greens bell pepper peaches rhubarb pasta salads kiwi variety deli food mushrooms rice pork assorted breads cinnamon buns blueberries bread products jicama eggplant waffles acorn squash bean sprouts assorted veggies not picked up stir fry blackberries granola pepper pears whole chickens zuchini turnips mangos pineapples ginger chips tofu potato chocolate ground meat cauliflower roses other radishes orange juice stuffed 'shrooms watermelons bucket bread! yogart seafood potted plants salad biscuits rice milk berries salsa cuties nectarines flour cheeses beans boxes of assorted produce snacks cakes pies other box ice cream canned tomatoes shallots cantaloupe minestrone soup tangerines salad dressing bread product various breads steaks assorted fruits candy romaine assorted pastries frozen food mushroom chili fruits and veggies pita bread pie juice cantalope yogurts honey cilantro crackers not picked up. mostly fruit loose produce fruit and veg stuffing coconut milk lemon dairy cut veggies collard greens fries chives dinner rolls packaged lettuce fruits and vegetables quiche fruit veges other rolls coffee plantains zucchinis ravioli sour cream pastry ground turkey bagged lettuce sweet rolls lots of lettuce butternut squash eggplants taters noodles sausage hot peppers lettuce trail mix basil soda winter squash fruit butter thyme bread pastries pomegranates beef soy milk sandw. chickenwings assorted fruit yummy whole foods bread deli salads kale frozen various salad mix pizzas jalapenos tortilla chips frozen ground meat tomatos romaine lettuce coconut water loaves fruits banana's herbs english muffins zucchini sweet potatoes egg plant brussels sprouts chicken cucumber mango bars cake meals wings kiwis assorted fruits and veggies sprouts market shrooms breads and pastries scones mac and cheese mostly apples yogurt root veggies carrots coconuts packaged food soups lbs pies cinamon rolls dressings bulk bouquets cabbage mangoes cereal salads meats creamer toms swiss chard zuchinni parsnips packaged salads mint oj pickles mixed fruit random flowers wraps sweets desserts vegan cheese rasberries danishes prepared meals sauces fresh produce pumpkin raspberries limes entrees yellow squash hamburger edamame bread and rolls turnip green onions pastries and bread tortilla chiips bread bananas avacadoes tuna onion 0 prepped food cakes cheese spices citrus mandarin oranges red peppers pasteries tortillas prepared salads cream cheese tomato lettuces grapes cranberries collards bacon canteloupe greens peas frozen dinners all the things doughnuts parsley bread sweets burgers papaya lentils sliced bread drinks dairy products oranges freshly harvested vegetables from the farm tomatillos avos various veggies and fruits strawberry almond milk brownies baked goods assorted breads and pastries applesauce green peppers apple juice veggies chicken wings celery onions steak cherries garlic potato salad green onion cantalopes bread and pastries nuts tomatoes eggs bagels bread and baked goods water potatos fruit salad spring rolls vegetables brocolli breads hummus sandwiches food apple bread and sweets cinnamon rolls cherry tomatoes beets sandwich mixed greens cans pretzels bread loaves artichoke kombucha soup hot dogs mixed lasagna burritos various produce cream kefir corn turkey bannanas pre-made meals green beans packaged fruit bagged salad buns canned beans muffins loaves of bread salmon grapefruits quinoa pasta salad mixes french bread pitas loose dog food sweet potato juices potatoes summer squash dumplings loafs various scones asparagus lime packaged greens sushi arugula naan cut fruit croissants melon tarts bread rolls mixed veggies avocados bag of sliced bread cookies plums assorted canned food oats and bread pita yoghurt various baked goods guacamole fennel yams broccoli mostly bread 1 bucket arrangements snap peas peanut butter cantaloupes mixed produce clementines brocoli lots of bread watermelon tom apples dough fruits / veg fruit cups cabbages side dishes boxed salads other assorted fruits & veggies fruit and vegetables donuts baguettes squashes strawberries croutons dill peppers dips prepared food radish artichokes melons banana avacado popcorn pounds okra gravy lemons pineapple pomegranate pumpkins day old breads pasta salad various (packed very nicely) chicken breasts pear random mix carrot brussel sprouts milk sprouts artisan bread cucumbers salad greens boxes produce canned goods meat garlic bread figs tamales more bread cantelope prepared foods apricots all kinds na stuffed mushrooms baby carrots cupcakes veggie trays potato chips sandwhiches other. assorted produce bakery cukes lunch meat granola bars deli meat energy bars spinach guac bell peppers chocolate milk string beans dinners nada oatmeal zukes pastries bok choy