Courier Coordinator

Boulder Food Rescue is hiring a part-time Courier Coordinator to work with our team to support the daily food redistribution logistics for 2 days per week.

How to Apply

  1. Read the Job Description below
  2. Click this to download the employment application.
  3. Fill out and email this application to Hayden Dansky at, [email protected]org, by Friday, December 7th, at 12pm.

We look forward to reviewing your submission. We will be in touch about the interview process. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Hayden.

Job Description: Courier Coordinator

Year: 2018

Part Time Hourly – $13/hr @ average 10 hours per week.

These 10 hours occur across 2 consecutive days, during which the Courier Coordinator is on call during business hours. These days must include Saturday/ Sunday at least every other week, and may alternate between weeks or become fixed depending on needs of candidates.

Qualifications: Individual applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and evaluated based on merit and experience, with particular emphasis on a strong work-ethic and personal dedication and passion for the mission of the organization.

The CC is responsible for running shifts occasionally. There are physical demands associated with running shifts such as lifting boxes up to 50 pounds, and by choice, biking with a trailer. The CC must have a valid drivers license and reliable transportation.

Must be able to work weekends, either consecutively, or every other week.

Reports to: Logistics Director

Brief Description: The Courier Coordinator is responsible for managing same day and next day food rescue shift coordination at least two days per week. Their responsibilities include responding to same-day emergencies, running shifts that could not be covered by volunteer couriers that day, maintaining communications and emergency response, and finding volunteer coverage for open shifts for the next day.


Courier Coordination and Communication

  1. Same Day Coordination: Check the rescue log daily to ensure all food rescue shifts are covered.
  2. Next Day Coordination: Organize couriers to cover open shifts for the next day.
  3. Same Day Shift Completion: Complete open shifts for that day when no volunteer is available or when last-minute emergencies prevent volunteers from doing a shift.
  4. Volunteer Communication: Respond to same day and next day concerns communicated through BFR Volunteer Line. Respond to same day and next day concerns communicated over BFR Volunteer Email. Communicate any last minute same-day information changes to volunteers.
  5. Logistics Director Communication: Forward all appropriate communications to the Logistics Director. This includes all next day, long term, and advanced notice concerns, as well as any problems that occured with any of the shifts.

Rescue Log Maintenance

  1. The Courier Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the daily rescue log is completely covered, accurate, and up-to-date.
  2. The Courier Coordinator is responsible for communicating any same day or next day information changes or emergencies to volunteers.
  3. The Courier Coordinator is responsible for monitoring pickup reports from the previous day and reporting volunteer notes to the appropriate BFR staff member or volunteer team.

Maintenance Team Communication

  1. The Courier Coordinator is responsible for communicating any bicycle or trailer equipment maintenance issues reported by volunteers to both the Maintenance Team and Logistics Director as soon as possible.

Staff Support and Other Tasks

  1. Projects: If all daily logistical needs and other tasks described here are accomplished, the volunteer coordinator may support the work of the LD or other staff, focusing on short and long term goals relevant to the Volunteer Program and organization as a whole.
  2. Staff Meeting: The Courier Coordinator will attend staff meeting every other week.
  3. Weekly Meeting: The Courier Coordinator will meet with the Logistics Director every other week to discuss tasks, progress, and volunteer relations.