Board & Bylaws

Join our board!

BFR is looking for new board members who are passionate about food justice, Boulder Food Rescue’s mission and vision, and giving back to their community. The BFR Board is unique and non-traditional with a wide range of skills and experiences. Every board member may have a different commitment, so upon joining the board, the roles and responsibilities of each board member will be discussed.

The board is responsible for: fundraising, maintaining the bylaws, advising and setting long-term organizational goals, and guiding financial management of the organization.
We ask board members to contribute at least eight hours of work to the organization each month. Board members are required to attend a two hour board meeting monthly, and one annual retreat.

To download the board application and for more information, please click here.

The Board

Our board of directors are in charge of directing the organization, and maintaining the bylaws. As per the bylaws, directors have an active role in day to day operation. In many cases, they began as volunteers. They are:

    • Becky Higbee, Cofounder, ER Physician, President
    • Ashley Rumble, EFAA
    • Wendy Moschetti, Colorado Food Systems Advisory Council
    • Ina Sajovich, Innovative Real Estate Group
    • Brenden Nackerman, Naropa University
    • Janice Field, Independent Event Planner
    • Kate Kingsbery, Financial Analyst
    • Matthew Clifford, Accountant, Treasurer

Our advisory board is composed of community leaders. The advisory board meets periodically with the the director and members of the board to help with specific niche skills and projects for Boulder Food Rescue. They are:

  • Caleb Phillips, National Renewable Energy Lab, Data Scientist; University of Colorado, Boulder, Professor
  • David Harrison, Miller and Harrison LLC, Attorneys at Law
  • Peter Genuardi, Strength in Members
  • Lisa Lai, Lai Ventures, Harvard Business
  • Summer Laws, Boulder County Public Health
  • Michelle Ogre, Community Food Share
  • Suze Bragg, Financial Officer

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Bylaws and Advocacy

Our bylaws describe our mission and operating principles. The authoritative version of the bylaws will always be available here. You can download them here.

The Boulder Food Rescue Board just released this advocacy statement concerning homelessness in Boulder:

We, as a human services agency in Boulder, will engage in advocacy where necessary to ensure that all Boulder citizens have the right to access basic human services including, but not limited to, access to nutritious food and safe shelter in a dignified manner.  We work to build partnerships in both public and private sectors that will create positive impact in providing essential resources.

A letter from the IRS confirming our status as a federal tax-exempt 501(c)3 is available here, you can verify our current status as a charity by searching publication 78, and can check out our articles of incorporation and status as a nonprofit with the State of Colorado.

Also, as per our bylaws, notes from all of our board meetings are available:

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