Become a Recipient

About Boulder Food Rescue’s Categorization System:

BFR provides food to charitable nonprofit organizations that comport with section 501(c)3 of the internal revenue code. We prioritize donations of food to organizations that benefit individuals who would otherwise not have access to healthy food before donating to organizations not perfectly aligned with this mission.

To better stratify recipients according to these principles, BFR utilizes a Categorization System:

Category A: Grocery Programs: These nonprofits house free grocery programs coordinated by and benefiting people who experience food insecurity and food access barriers. BFR aims to reduce access barriers for these recipients by bringing food to the places they are already going to be. 

Category B: Organizations that Benefit Food Insecure Populations: These nonprofits benefit food insecure populations and potentially have access to healthy food, but at a higher cost to the nonprofit, and thus a potential compromise in food choices may exist. BFR seeks to reduce food budgets of these nonprofits while simultaneously increasing healthy food options.

Category C: Just-in-Time Recipients: These nonprofits may or may not benefit people experiencing food insecurity but can take food when other organizations are unable to receive it due to quantity, time, day, and other logistical barriers. There may be other reasons for donating to them outside of addressing food insecurity, such as community building, education, or outreach.

Spontaneous Drops/Special Events: BFR staff may decide to re-route a shift for a special circumstance, such as an event for a community partner. These recipients may be asked by BFR staff to perform their own pick-ups, and thus volunteer themselves for the organization. We prioritize donating to organizations that work on education or political advocacy specifically around environmental or social justice work. We also prioritize smaller community-based organizations who can also commit to helping with picking the food up.  

If you would like to receive food for a special event, please give us no less than 1 weeks notice and email BFR’s Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected]

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To apply to be a Category C recipient, please submit the following information by email to [email protected]

  1. Nonprofit Name
  2. Individual Contact Name
  3. Mission of Organization
  4. How will you use the food?
  5. What will you do with the food you cannot use?
  6. How do you build community around food?
  7. Do you provide educational opportunities for others?
  8. Do you have an individual connected with your organization who will volunteer for BFR in order to pick up the food you receive (by bicycle)?

Drop offs for Category C recipients may be intermittent, in conjunction with food availability and overages. The Category C recipient will work with BFR staff to set schedules for pick ups. They will be responsible for doing their own BFR pick ups, and thus volunteer themselves for the organization, through the processes that all BFR volunteers are required to perform.

If you would like to be a recipient of BFR, but feel like you fit into Category A or B, please email [email protected]