What We Do

Boulder Food Rescue is a non-profit organization whose goal is to create a more just and less wasteful food system. We facilitate the sustainable redistribution of food “waste” to agencies that feed hungry, homeless, and low-income populations while educating communities about food justice.

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Help to keep our organiztion running strong by making a secure financial donation.

Forward Food Summit

Check out this year's Forward Food Summit focusing on food and economic justice.

Food Waste Audit

Participate in the first of its kind, 2016 City of Boulder Food Waste Audit.


Join the team that's working to put fresh food on peoples' plates across the community.

Featured News

We need your help! There is always something to do, from biking around food, contacting grocery stores to start donating their food, and other fun projects. Whatever your time commitment and skill set is, you can help out. Get into contact with us at [email protected] and sign up for one of our new volunteer orientations. See you soon!